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When packing for your flight remember that your fare includes only 40 lbs free baggage and in compliance with FAA regulations, we do not allow carry-ons. What this means to you:

  • Anything you wish to have access to on the flight should fit in on your person (i.e.: jacket pocket) or in the small seat pocket available to you on the aircraft.

  • Purses are considered carry-on baggage UNLESS they are small in dimension and include a long strap, which, when worn over your head fits the purse close to your body.

  • Always keep medicines, keys, or other essential items in your pockets.


  • As you pack, remember your 40 lbs free baggage is not GUARANTEED to travel with you. Your baggage will have priority over other freight, but due to the size of our aircraft, occasionally we hit our weight limit with passenger body weights alone. [NOTE: You will find we limit the number of seats on each flight - this is specifically to allow for as much passenger baggage as possible.]

  • Pack no more than 40lbs in any baggage unit, and use multiple smaller units for packing, if necessary. This is due to the frequent delay of oversized boxes (oversized by dimension or by weight) due to limited space on our aircraft.

  • Have your items packed before you arrive. If this is not possible, remember you must arrive early to complete this process. You will not be fully checked in unless this is completed, and if you are not fully checked in at flight closing you will be required to reschedule your flight.

  • Do not pack HAZMAT materials as they will need to be presented for paperwork at the counter. Hazmat must be checked in 1 hour prior to the flight otherwise it is unlikely to travel on that flight. What is HAZMAT? Follow this link for more information:

  • Do you know which box has chill items? Which has frozen items? Make note as you pack. You will be required to label your boxes/bags with the appropriate stickers at the counter. If your items are not properly labeled, we will not be responsible for any damage due to handling.

  • Take extra care to pack and identify any fragile items. Travel with computer equipment and other fragile technologies only when absolutely necessary.

  • If traveling with ANYTHING that is critical to your trip (i.e.: baggage/freight for hunters, campers, or special events) contact a Guest Service Agent at least 7 days in advance of the flight (or as soon as possible) to discuss possible options.

  • Remember to bring valid state or federal I.D.


To assist us in maintaining on-time service, passengers are required to check-in AT LEAST one hour before scheduled departure time. Note that to avoid delay passengers may check in ANYTIME the day of their flight as long as they are back on premises before the flight closes, 45 minutes BEFORE departure. The Guest Service counter is open to check-in passengers Monday through Friday from 8:15 AM until 3:15 pm and Sunday from 12:30 PM until 1:15 PM.  

For safety, flights WILL ALWAYS close to passengers 45 minutes before departure. This means if your flight departs at 1:00 pm, at 12:15 pm we will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING PASSENGERS for that flight, and you will have to reschedule. If you arrive at 12:14 pm, you MAY be allowed to check in, but likely your bags will not. Seats for passengers that fail to check-in before cut-off may be released to stand-by passengers waiting in the lobby, at that time.

Once checked-in passengers must remain onsite, or return to the facility if they have left, 45 minutes BEFORE the flight departs at flight closing and before flight departure.