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Company Programs and Memberships

COMPANY SAFETY PROGRAM: Our Safety Program is both a living document —filled with policies and procedures — and culture we seek to promote company-wide. Operating safely on all levels of the organization is our top priority. We continually seek ways to enhance our programs and procedures, through collaboration with other organizations, coworker and passenger input, and regular auditing of our safety processes. The strength of our program reflects the good, safe work our coworkers continue to do every day.

MEDALLION FOUNDATION: Warbelow's has been a Medallion Foundation member since it's inception in 2001. This voluntary program promotes a safety culture and safe organizational and best practices throughout Alaska’s commercial aviation industry, and beyond. Warbelow's has been awarded stars in CFIT-A, Operational Control, Maintenance & Ground Service, Safety, and Internal Evaluation Program. Participation in this program is audited annually for compliance.  Visit the Medallion Foundation website —

FAA AMT AWARDS PROGRAM: Implemented by the FAAST team, this unique safety program works as an incentive program to encourage AMTs and employers to participate aggressively in available initial and recurrent maintenance training/courses. Through the AMT Awards Program, the FAA recognizes eligible technicians and employers by issuing awards to those who receive or promote and foster initial and recurrent training, and take a proactive role in training their technical workforce.

Most recently, Warbelow's maintenance department received FAA's Award of Excellence "Diamond Award." This means that 100% of our maintenance staff completed specific maintenance training requirements. This is the 7th time Warbelow's has received this recognition. Visit the FAASTeam website—


Circle of Safety - FAA

The Circle of Safety is a FAA consumer education program that results from the continuing need to prevent and reduce accidents. The aviation consumer or passenger can increase the safety of a flight by:

  • Choosing a provider of aviation services wisely
  • Preparing well for each flight
  • Paying attention during boarding and throughout the flight
  • Taking appropriate action when required

The aviation passenger has rights and responsibilities with regard to safety as well. The FAA, air carriers, pilots, and passengers are all partners in the Circle of Safety in an effort to prevent accidents. Go the the FAA's Circle of Safety website—


Fleet Equipment

SPIDER TRACKS - Although a flight plan is filed for all our flights, we go the extra mile to track our flights with a "Spidertracks" -  a GPS tracking system installed on each aircraft.  

406 MHz ELT - An ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) is a required and important part of our equipment. We have installed the 406 MHz ELT — a satellite system that provides coordinates and information to Search and Rescue directly, versus and older-style ELTs, which provides no immediate coordinates or direct information.